Retrieve your Cebu Pacific Boarding Pass

Update (12/11/2013): The Cebu Pacific website was recently updated so the information below may no longer apply. I don’t have a way to test this right now but I will update this post again once I’m able to determine if the trick below still works or not. In any case, you may be able to get your boarding pass printed in the airport, though I am not able to confirm this, and you should probably be at the airport earlier if you are considering this option.

Original Post:

This is useful if after you made the web check-in, you decided to not print immediately.

To retrieve your Cebu Pacific boarding pass after making an online check-in, go to . You have 4 options to be able to continue. What you choose depends on what information you have. After logging in, go to . I couldn’t find a link from the “Manage Booking” page to the Boarding Pass page so I had to resort to this.

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67 Responses to “Retrieve your Cebu Pacific Boarding Pass”

  1. Thanks for this info, really useful!

  2. this is bloody brilliant!! a million thanks!!

  3. Thank you so much! This is great!

  4. Thank you so very much. You are an angel.

  5. really helps a lot..god bless..


  7. holy crap i almost shouted when i lost the passes, thank God for this!

  8. thanks, it’s really useful

  9. thank you for this, big help me, i thought i’d lost it already!!!

  10. really really great help!

  11. Super thanks for this! :)

  12. thanks a lot…it’s such a big help…u r a genius!!

  13. super useful!!! thank you! =D

  14. Thank you so much! I have been calling cebupac’s call center without success. This is such a HUGE help!

  15. Thanks BRO!! Been playing with all the links and even emailed their customer service but no help. Good thing I found your blog!

  16. Wow I wasn’t paying attention to the details of your post when I was looking this up but this is great! I even called up the Cebu Pacific hotline to ask about retrieving the boarding passes and they said it was a one-time retrieval only. This really, really works guys!

  17. thanks. a big help!

  18. you’re a lifesaver! big help!

  19. Wow! Thanks so much… big help!

  20. this is very useful! thanks a lot!..


  22. Thank you…u

  23. What a lifesaver you are!!! I can’t believe that Cebu Pacific still hasn’t realised how their online booking system still does NOT work. simple things like this is what proves that it doesn’t!!

  24. lifesaver :)

    thanks a lot

    -from gensan to cebu

  25. Thanks a lot.. Such a big help.

  26. Thanks! Very helpful!

  27. You’re a lifesaver! My printer had a paper jam, so it took me awhile to get it working again, and by the time I got to press the print button again, my session had timed out. >.< Thank goodness for your solution and for getting your blog listed on the search engines! :D

  28. Thank you so much!!!!!! You’re a great Help!

  29. THANK YOU!
    I was really starting to get upset because of this major bug! Sana man lang may warning message before users actually click that Submit button in Web Check In.

  30. thank you very much..such a big help

  31. Thanks sir! You’ve been a great help to me!

  32. hahahahahaha, thanks so much sir, that was brilliant,

  33. Awesome!

    Your information is more useful than Cebu Pacific Web site.


  34. This saved my life today as I was already feeling frantic thinking how to retrieve my boarding pass. Thank you for sharing this information with us. This really proved to be very useful.

  35. Great! thank you :D

  36. I worried that i lost my boarding pass!! Big Thanks to this!!! this helped me great!!

  37. Thanks for this I was already getting frustrated trying to find the boarding pass tab on cebu pacific manage booking page. Thanks again!

  38. you save my life… thank you very much

  39. THANK YOU SO MUCH! SUCH A LIFE SAVER :) God bless :)

  40. Thank you so much for this. God bless (:

  41. Thank you! V. useful indeed.

  42. Omg. Thank you so much. This is brilliant! Your links are so useful!!! :)

  43. I could just hug you! Thanks so much!

  44. Gosh… You just made my day… It happened twice before! Somehow the site loads so slow and times out often… I actually called their customer service and they said there’s no way to retrieve it… Today it happened again and I thought of searching and luckily I found your post… Thank you!

  45. You are the best. thank you sooooo much.. this helped me. hahaha. i have sent a message to cebu pacific but no response yet.. anyway. thank you very much

  46. So useful….thank you so much…. after several attempts, I was able to retrieve it. This is the best! So GRATEFUL to you!

  47. magnificent thanks

  48. Thanks a lot….very useful info.

  49. Ang galing!!!! Thank you :)

  50. Thank you!!!

  51. THANKS for this but when I used it, I was lead to my itinerary receipt and not my boarding pass. Huhu. Before that happened, the page even kept on moving on to the next process on its own even though I haven’t clicked “continue” yet. sigh…

    • Sorry about this. It looks like the Cebu Pacific website has been recently updated so the information here may no longer apply. I know this reply is late but I think you can request for your boarding pass to be printed in the airport. I do hope everything worked out OK.

  52. Thank you for this very helpful info.

  53. It still worked for me– I was able to print my boarding pass :)

  54. Thanks for the heads up! You’re a genius!

  55. Thanks! Still works!


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